4 Reason why Bajaj Finance shares crack 8%.Today 

toady is a  very bad day for bajaj  finanace share holders, share  of bajaj finance is crack 8% in today market

The stock slumped 8.24 per cent to hit  a day low of Rs 6,032.25  over its previous  close of Rs 6,573.60.

so in this web story i am going  to tell you  what i s the reason  of bajaj finance share cracked  in market

The performance was slightly lower than Street expectations as third is usually a strong quarter led by festive demand, say analysts.

In what could be seen as a rub-off effect, Bajaj Finserv also tanked today. Shares of Bajaj Finserv plunged 5.85 per cent to hit a day low of Rs 1,457 compared to its previous close of Rs 1,547.45. Support on the counter could be seen at Rs 1,483.

Singhal said, Bajaj finance has also given a breakdown and it seems to be headed near Rs 6,220. Maintain a stop loss at Rs 6,288 for a downward target of Rs 6,000, the GCL Securities Chief Executive further stated.


New customer acquisition, though highest for the quarter at 3.1 million, was slower than expected, Antique analysts said, adding that new loans booked indicated that contribution of existing customers remains significant.

On charts, Bajaj Finserv has given a breakdown and it seems to be headed for Rs 1,300, said Ravi Singhal, CEO, GCL Securities. Keep stop loss placed at Rs 1,520, he added.

Meanwhile, Indian equity benchmarks fell sharply in afternoon trade, dragged by banking, financial and technology stocks.

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